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"Recording artist, producer and record label owner Tom Rothrock has played an integral part in the careers of Elliott Smith, James Blunt, and Beck before launching a solo career with the 2006 album Resonator.  Beck’s breakthrough hit, “Loser,” was originally released on Bong Load Custom Records, a label Rothrock formed in the early ’90s...  In 2002 Rothrock worked on the heralded About a Boy soundtrack with Badly Drawn Boy and in 2004 he composed the music for the Michael Mann film Collateral.  His work on James Blunt‘s 2005 album Back to Bedlam helped earn Blunt five Grammy nominations that year.  In 2006 he began his solo career with the full-length and entirely instrumental Resonator, named after a type of acoustic guitar with a metal center that’s often referred to by its brand name, Dobro."

- David Jefferies,


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